Who Needs AppSense

It doesn’t matter if you’re a CxO, an IT Pro, an End User or a Security Pro. AppSense enhances user experience and protects your endpoints, which is good for business. Learn how AppSense can help you.


Good user experience and protected endpoints are good for business.

Desktops and applications are critical to your business and a major source of cost and risk to corporate IT infrastructure and company brand

Increase the productivity of both your IT team and users:

  • Reduce help desk calls and eliminate manual IT efforts for major desktop projects or routine IT processes.
  • Improve user uptime through centralized management and increasing billable hours by accelerating logon times.
  • Future-proof your environment to meet the emerging desktop needs of your business and users.
User Experience

Augment your endpoint security and reduce risk to your brand:

  • Secure against intentional or unintentional user action.
  • Enforce corporate and industry-based compliance such as HIPAA, FINRA, and PCI.
  • Deliver granular, filtered endpoint data that enables informed analysis and decision making.

Get much more from your existing infrastructure and de-risk strategic desktop projects:

  • Ensure adoption of your new desktop initiatives by providing a good user experience.
  • Increase the number of users that can be supported on server-based desktop infrastructure by 40 percent or more.
  • Extend the life of PCs through better resource management.
Reduce Expenses

IT Pro

Separating people from machines makes everything easier

Users are complex, unpredictable and unique, and most of all they’re not machines. So don’t try to manage them like one.

Deliver better IT service with AppSense:

  • Deliver a personalized experience that follows users across traditional PCs, virtual desktops and applications, and cloud infrastructure.
  • Ensure that desktop and mission critical applications are responsive.
  • Reduce help desk calls and other operational costs.
Reduce Complexity

Provide a desktop that meets both user’s needs and IT security needs:

  • Enforce user compliance and license control.
  • Ensure users have the rights they need to be productive,
    nothing more and nothing less.
  • Block unknown executables, like malware and ransomware.
Responsive Computer Experience

Transform how you manage your environment and reduce costs:

  • Ensure new desktop initiative success by providing a great user experience.
  • Remove manual efforts and centralize desktop and user management.
  • Adapt workspace configuration dynamically based on user context.
Good User Experience

End User

Finally, a desktop that helps you be productive with:

Technology will never get in the way of your job again. Our approach:

  • Provide lightning-fast logons.
  • Ensure that your mission critical applications are responsive.
  • Deliver a consistent user experience, no matter your location, device or OS.
Decrease Logon Times

Enjoy a better user experience on a secured desktop:

  • Effortlessly enforce corporate and industry compliance without getting in your way.
  • Give you the rights you need to do your job with flexible, self-elevation if needed.
  • Help protect your desktop against unknown executables and malware.
Decrease Logon Times


Minimize impact of IT changes to your experience:

  • Provide increased flexibility for your working style.
  • Retain your customizations across workspaces and through upgrades.
  • Reduce your reliance on the helpdesk.
Workspace Experience

Security Pro

Secure endpoints without compromising your user experience:

Enhance your defense-in-depth security strategy:

  • Improve security for your cloud, physical, and virtual desktops.
  • Protect against intentional and unintentional user actions, like opening malware.
  • Enable informed analysis with granular endpoint data.
Enhance your defense-in-depth security strategy

Secure endpoints without impacting user productivity:

  • Ensure least privilege access, with flexible options for elevation when needed.
  • Provide context-aware application control.
  • Prevent unknown executables from launching.
Secure endpoints without impacting user productivity

Meet compliance and security mandates:

  • Ensure license agreement compliance.
  • Enforce industry-based compliance such as HIPAA, FINRA, and PCI.
  • Remove local admins, ensuring security best practices.
Meet compliance and security mandates

Your business, IT, and end users benefit from an enhanced, secure user experience that increases productivity and gives your organization a competitive edge.