Say Goodbye to Windows Migrations

The days of going a decade between major migrations are over. With Microsoft’s shift to a faster OS release cadence, IT teams face the constant pressure of:

  • Running multiple Windows versions in parallel
  • Operating in a continuous state of migration

AppSense automatically moves user personalization, files, and settings between disparate Windows operating system versions. So multiple versions of Windows, including Windows 10, aren’t a problem for IT or users.

Windows Migration

What stage are you at in the migration process?

  • I’m just getting started
  • My migration is in process

As you’ve likely already discovered, there are many moving parts to an OS migration, including:

  • User-specific OS customizations
  • Application settings
  • User files
  • And much more…

By separating all of the user-specific aspects of enterprise computing from the underlying OS and applications, AppSense removes nearly all of the manual IT effort from new OS introductions.

Are you struggling to keep your migration project on track due to challenges like these?

  • Capturing and migrating user personalization and settings
  • User acceptance and downtime challenges
  • Locating and copying key user files

AppSense automates the Windows migration process by separating all user-specific aspects of enterprise computing from the underlying OS and applications.

Deploy AppSense once and never worry about Windows migration projects again.

  • User personalization and settings flow automatically between OS versions
  • User files follow them to their new desktop automatically without the need for manual file location and copy efforts by IT

How AppSense Helps with Windows 10 Migrations

  • Capturing and migrating user personalization and settings
  • Solution: AppSense captures user personalization and settings changes as they happen, brings them into a centralized management framework, and applies them on-demand across OS versions.
  • User acceptance and downtime challenges
  • Solution: Whenever a user moves to a new desktop environment, AppSense instantly personalizes it to match their historical preferences.
  • Locating and copying key user files
  • Solution: AppSense redirects user files from common locations like the Desktop and My Documents into a highly reliable sync framework that follows users as they move to a new desktop.

Transform How You Manage Windows 10

With AppSense, migrations aren’t just about problem solving. We can help you permanently improve your Windows management approach, including:

  • Enabling seamless user roaming across any desktop or server version of Windows, so migration projects are no longer necessary
  • Easily introducing new application delivery technologies (e.g., application virtualization, remote desktop session hosts)
  • Providing comprehensive endpoint security that doesn’t degrade user experience
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