Improve Visibility into DesktopNow Environments

IT has been challenged to easily view and share business-critical data about DesktopNow environments beyond the desktop team. IT must choose between generating their own reports pulled from DesktopNow data or relying on their company’s business reporting team to build a report that may take weeks for delivery. In addition to keeping IT from performing IT-related tasks, that wait can delay critical decisions concerning improving the end user experience that’s so fundamental to business productivity.

Additionally, with endpoints under constant threat from malware and ransomware, waiting for a business report leveraging DesktopNow data can create opportunities for a devastating breach.


AppSense meets this challenge with capabilities that allow IT to:

  • Easily create and share interactive web-based dashboards
  • Explore report results with data drill-down capabilities and real-time filtering
  • Export results to major file formats for more traditional business reporting

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