Logon Times

Accelerate user logon times with AppSense

Long logon times annoy your users. If you can’t find a way to reduce them, your organization risks:

  • Poor user acceptance of desktop virtualization
  • Higher helpdesk call volume
  • Decreased user productivity
Reduce Logon Times

Long logon times have many causes, but traditional profiles, logon scripts, and Group Policy Objects are leading culprits. Here’s how AppSense can help:

Traditional Profiles

Without AppSense

Applying personalization at logon as one large profile increases logon time.

With AppSense

Applying personalization just-in-time throughout the session reduces logon time.

Scripts & GPOs

Without AppSense

Long and complex logon scripts load sequentially to enforce policy.

With AppSense

Point-and-click parallel processing engine centralizes policy management without relying on logon scripts or GPOs.

Reducing logon times delivers a better user experience and improves business productivity. Learn how the AppSense platform can also help with: