Profile Management

Replace roaming profiles with on-demand personalization

Users need personalized desktops to be productive, but many IT pros find that using the default approach, roaming profiles, can cause:

  • Long logon times
  • Increased helpdesk calls due to profile corruption
  • Poor user experience
  • Lost productivity

AppSense replaces traditional user profile management with an on-demand personalization approach. This helps IT teams improve user experience and productivity in two major ways.


Without AppSense

Profiles are delivered as a monolithic file at logon, making them prone to corruption and increasing logon times.

With AppSense

User settings are stored on a per user, per application basis in a highly scalable infrastructure that streams personalization on-demand to any Windows platform, ensuring fast logon times and eliminating profile corruption.


Without AppSense

IT’s only option is to delete the entire user profile, resulting in lost productivity and a poor experience for users.

With AppSense

Self-healing and self-service capabilities allow users to rollback application and desktop settings to a preferred working state.

Replacing roaming profiles with on-demand personalization delivers a more secure and user-friendly workspace. Learn how the AppSense platform can also help with: