Privilege Management

Practice least privilege and help secure your endpoints with AppSense

Implemented correctly, least privilege shouldn’t impact user experience or productivity. With AppSense you can:

  • Ensure users have the rights they need to be productive, nothing more and nothing less
  • Identify which users and applications require elevated privileges
  • Enforce compliance with industry and organizational standards
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There are three major challenges with managing user rights that AppSense solves, helping you enhance endpoint security.

Least Privilege

Without AppSense

IT needs to approve every request, which often are binary: full admin rights or none.

With AppSense

IT can control admin rights on a per-user/per-application basis and users can self-elevate when necessary.

Endpoint Visibility

Without AppSense

IT has poor visibility into which users and applications require elevated rights, making it difficult for IT to establish policies.

With AppSense

IT can observe trends and detect which users or applications require special elevation.

Compliance Mandates

Without AppSense

Your environment contains local admins, failing to meet many common industry and security compliance mandates.

With AppSense

Local admin rights are removed, helping you meet compliance and security requirements.

Least Privilege with AppSense helps deliver a secure,
user-friendly workspace. Learn how the AppSense platform can also help with: