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AppSense’s User Environment Management (UEM) platform allows law firms to deliver a personalized, secure and highly responsive desktop experience. Maximize your billable time, manage risk, and ensure a consistent user experience.

Reduce logon times and let billable personnel spend more time working
  • Much better alternative to logon scripts and group policies.
  • Simple interface to apply policy control to desktop and application settings.
  • Just-in-time delivery of policy and settings facilitates lightning fast access.
Deliver fast, consistently performing mission-critical applications
  • IT controlled resource allocation across all application and desktop delivery mechanisms for optimal performance.
  • Powerful rules engine to manage data and application access, whether locally, in the data center, or the cloud.
  • Proven success with enterprise content management solutions.
Solve rights management issues, secure applications and data, reduce risk, and enable compliance
  • Out of the box protection through privilege management & application control.
  • Granular security and policy controls improves user experience and security.
  • Smart data and application access policy rules to ensure consistency and eliminate errors.
Eliminate time lost recovering or recreating lost or corrupted files
  • Granular policy control over data accessed and file storage.
  • Automatic, incremental data synchronization in the background.
  • Easily roll back to a previous session.
Ensure a consistent user experience
  • All user and IT settings are consistent across physical, virtual and cloud environments.
  • Printers are automatically mapped based on proximity without the need for complex scripting.
  • Centralized management ensures that users receive the right data, settings and applications for their context.

Over 4,000 organizations use AppSense as their
User Environment Management Platform