Policy Management

Dynamically configure desktops based on user context with AppSense

Traditional desktop configuration approaches no longer address IT or user needs:

  • Cumbersome logon scripts lack granularity and severely degrade logon times
  • Microsoft Group Policy Object (GPO) complexity spirals out of control
  • Users face constant friction as they move between physical locations and use cases
group policy management, central application management, desktop privilege management

AppSense simplifies IT management and improves user experience by addressing policy management at a granular, contextual level

Logon Scripts

Without AppSense

Users wait—and wait—for logon scripts to finish running at each logon, regardless of whether they are needed.

With AppSense

Policy is applied only when needed, using a flexible, rules-based approach that ensures fast logon times.

Group Policy Complexity

Without AppSense

Group Policy complexity grows, severely limiting IT’s policy flexibility and granularity.

With AppSense

IT can define granular policies that adapt based on context, using a scalable, point-and-click interface.

User Experience Friction

Without AppSense

As users move between different locations and contexts, they must have the knowledge, time, and presence of mind to reconfigure their desktop.

With AppSense

Dynamic policy management capabilities dynamically configure printers, drives, and other desktop sessions based on user location and context.

Granular, contextual policy management helps IT teams deliver a personalized and adaptive desktop to users. Learn how you can also leverage the AppSense platform to help with your: