File Sync & Migration

Give users simple, secure access to their files from any device with AppSense

Today’s user requires ubiquitous file access and reliable file synchronization. But every approach has trade-offs:

  • File servers and other traditional on-premises storage options are difficult to access outside of the corporate network, offline, or from non-Windows devices.
  • Cloud file synchronization services are inexpensive and readily available, but they introduce new security, compliance, and IT management challenges.

On-premises storage infrastructure is often too unwieldly for users, and cloud storage options introduce new cost and risk. AppSense delivers the best of both:

On-Premises Storage Access

Without AppSense

Users are cut off from file servers and existing on-premises storage investments by VPN headaches, device incompatibility, and unreliable Microsoft Offline Files functionality.

With AppSense

File access across Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and the web looks and feels just like a consumer cloud service, even when existing on-premises file servers are in use.

Security & Compliance

Without AppSense

Users turn to consumer cloud services and other “shadow IT” methods for file access and synchronization needs, introducing data leakage and compliance challenges.

With AppSense

IT has complete control over where files are stored and can define granular policies to govern how files are accessed and retained.

User Recovery & Migration

Without AppSense

Users must change file management and backup behaviors, and IT teams face significant challenges and manual effort every time a user must be migrated or recovered.

With AppSense

Users can work the same way they always have, and file migration and recovery is fully automated.

Making file access simpler and more secure makes life easier for both IT and users. Learn more about how deploying the AppSense platform can also help with your: