Transform Your Approach to Windows Management

There are more ways than ever to deliver Windows desktops and applications to your users, including:

  • Native installation on a physical PC
  • Desktop and application virtualization
  • Remote desktop session hosts
  • Layering technologies
  • Cloud-hosted desktops and applications

Unfortunately, it’s not simply a matter of picking one. Today’s IT teams are challenged to manage a mix of desktop and application delivery approaches.

A sound desktop transformation strategy will help you transform Windows and application delivery technology into improvement opportunities instead of IT management burdens.


How AppSense Helps with Desktop Transformation

  • User roaming across desktop delivery models and operating system versions.
  • Solution: A fully personalized desktop experience follows users as they roam across physical PCs, virtual desktops, remote desktop session hosts, and the cloud. This includes scenarios where different versions of both the desktop and server variants of Windows are in use.
  • Supporting multiple application delivery technologies.
  • Solution: New application delivery methods can be simply added at any time, so IT teams can rapidly capture the benefits of industry innovation. Users’ settings and personalization follow them as they move between natively installed applications and those delivered through application virtualization, remote desktop session hosts, layering technologies, and cloud platforms.
  • Reining in user privileges and administrator rights.
  • Solution: As time goes on more and more users end up with full administrator rights to their desktop. And once they have these rights, they don’t want to give them up. AppSense provides much more granular control over privileges. This lets IT teams reduce user rights in areas that will improve desktop security and stability, while continuing to give users the freedom they need to be happy and productive.

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