Image Management

Simplify and standardize your Windows images with AppSense

In an ideal world, every organization would have one “gold” Windows image to support every use case. Instead, IT teams have multiple images to manage, leading to:

  • An ever-growing collection of master images to accommodate various internal teams and deployment models.
  • Individual images that become bloated by the need to serve too many masters.
  • Extensive user customization that causes each user’s instance of Windows to drift from the master.
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When Windows images multiply and become bloated, IT management overhead grows and user support becomes much more difficult. AppSense permanently improves your image management strategy.

Minimizing Image Variation

Without AppSense

Many on-off master images, multiplying the time it takes for IT to apply patches and other improvements.

With AppSense

A much smaller set of images to maintain that can be adapted and configured at run time based on dynamic policies.

Reducing Image Bloat and Drift

Without AppSense

“Just in case” additions to master images and user-specific customization at the endpoint makes Windows images unwieldy and difficult to support.

With AppSense

Images stay lean and are configured and personalized on the fly based on IT-defined policies.

Image management control makes life easier for both IT and users. Learn how the AppSense platform can also help with: