Application Performance
& Server Density

Reduce costs, extend your hardware lifecycle, and promote user productivity with AppSense

In any environment you need to balance speed and consistency while also keeping costs low.
Without application performance management, you risk:

  • Unresponsive desktops and applications
  • Shortened PC lifecycles
  • Rising hardware costs
  • Reduced user productivity
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AppSense can help you get the most out of your hardware investments, while also delivering consistent performance. Providing a good user experience that keeps business moving.

Resource Management

Without AppSense

System resources are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Runaway processes cripple user productivity.

With AppSense

IT defines business rules that appropriately allocate CPU, memory, and disk resources. Good resource management ensures consistent, responsive performance of all applications.

Hardware Lifecycle Management

Without AppSense

Increasingly resource-intensive operating systems and applications shorten your hardware lifecycle and have a negative impact on user experience.

With AppSense

Memory trimming frees up RAM to dramatically extend the life of your PCs. A responsive experience keeps users productive.

User Density

Without AppSense

Users are frustrated with poor performance and IT is forced to invest in additional servers.

With AppSense

Over 40% improvement on user density lowers CapEx.

AppSense improves application performance and server density. You can also leverage the AppSense platform to add value to: