AppSense Enterprise Security Suite

Endpoint Security Suite: Stop Malware and Ransomware Breaches

Endpoint Security Suite allows desktop and InfoSec teams to protect endpoints and enable regulatory compliance without degrading the user experience.


The onslaught of malware and ransomware attacks has driven even organizations in industries with minimal regulatory requirements to remove admin rights from every user. However, while locking down desktops reduces risk, it also significantly reduces the quality of the end user experience.

Users constrained by a poor user experience produce less and call the helpdesk more. Alarmingly, users can also react to a desktop lockdown by turning to ‘shadow IT’ to regain some of the capabilities they lost—which creates endpoint security risk.

Endpoint Security Suite ends that vicious cycle with capabilities that protect endpoints and enable regulatory compliance while delivering a great user experience.


Endpoint Security Suite helps IT and InfoSec teams protect endpoints and deliver regulatory compliance with these capabilities:

  • Identify and block unauthorized applications from running
  • Automate Microsoft and third-party application patch assessment and deployment
  • Enforce software licensing and ensure compliance
  • Spot suspicious endpoint behavior

Endpoint Security Suite helps IT provide a great user experience with these capabilities:

  • Manage user privileges and policies at a highly granular level
  • Allow user self-elevation
  • Monitor admin rights and self-elevation trends

Endpoint Security Suite includes:

Application Manager provides application control and privilege & policy management.

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Insight is a virtual appliance with a web-based console that delivers unprecedented visibility into endpoints.

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Shavlik Protect discovers missing patches and deploys them to the entire organization with an agent or agentless approach.

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