Appsense - EM PLUS

EM Plus gives you access to AppSense’s industry-leading Environment Manager product, plus an additional AppSense product of your choice. Optimize your virtual desktops and PCs in a package that is priced for your immediate needs.

The foundation of our EM Plus suite is AppSense Environment Manager, which delivers on-demand personalization and context-aware policy controls using point-and-click policies. Environment Manager enables IT teams to:

  • Accelerate logon times.
  • Eliminate user profile corruption and reduce associated help desk costs.
  • Dynamically configure user desktops based on context, without complex scripting.
  • Unlock the economic benefits of non-persistent virtual desktops, without sacrificing personalization and user experience.

Personalization helps you meet the business needs of IT as well as end users. In addition to Environment Manager, EM Plus customers can select one of the following:

Appsense Environment Manager
Appsense Application Manager
Application Manager provides application control and privilege management.
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Appsense Performance Manager
Performance Manager helps IT teams maximize user density and deliver optimal user experience.
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Appsense DataNow
DataNow integrates with existing storage infrastructure to simplify user data access and migration.
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Appsense Insight
Insight offers a detailed view into endpoints to enable fact-based planning and response.
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EM Plus eliminates the stumbling blocks that undermine strategic desktop projects, including:

  • Poor user experience.
  • Monolithic profile storage models that slow logon time and are susceptible to data corruption.
  • Inability to roam across multiple OS and application delivery platforms.
  • Incompatibility between newer and older Windows profile architectures.

EM Plus is the perfect complement to any strategic investments you make in technologies from leading desktop and application delivery vendors like Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, and Dell