Appsense - Desktopnow Plus

DesktopNow Plus, AppSense’s flagship product suite, addresses all aspects of secure user environment management.


This comprehensive user management solution allows IT organizations to:

  • Simplify desktop deployment and management
  • Improve user experience and secure endpoints
  • Reduce IT infrastructure costs
  • Deliver a personalized, compliant desktop regardless of location or device
  • Enable secure, enterprise-grade file sync & migration

DesktopNow Plus consists of the following products:

Envirnoment Manager

Environment Manager delivers on-demand personalization and context-aware policy controls.

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Application Manager

Application Manager provides granular application control and least privilege and policy access & management.

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Performance Manger

Performance Manager helps IT teams maximize user density and deliver an optimal user experience.

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DataNow integrates with existing storage infrastructure to simplify file sync and migration.

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Insight is a virtual appliance with a web-based console that enables granular endpoint data collection.

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DesktopNow Plus simplifies key IT workflows and allows users to be productive as they roam across any combination of:

  • Physical PC
    Physical PCs
  • Virtual Desktops
    Virtual Desktops
  • Cloud-hosted Desktops
    Cloud-hosted Desktops

DesktopNow Plus is the perfect complement to any strategic investments you make in technologies from leading desktop and application delivery vendors like Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, and Dell.