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Optimizing the Best Desktop Ever

Users need to access their data and applications in a consistent and timely manner, regardless of whether they’re at their desks, hot-desking while visiting another office or working on the road. At each location they need access to appropriate local resources for networking and printing, and they need to be reassured by a familiar environment. Research shows that getting this wrong drives user acceptance down, and often kills new desktop projects.

The problem is, how do you deliver a highly personalized environment in a manageable and cost effect way?

Policy Management: the better way

AppSense Environment Manager is the only solution that manages the most complex and diverse combinations of users, apps, and data across enterprise desktop environments. It provides precise user control with a powerful user-based policy and personalization engine that delivers user and application settings on-demand to any desktop, on any device based on the context of the user, location, time, device and many other granular options.

When disconnected, user policy and personalization settings persist off-line, then 'sync' with the corporate network next time they reconnect. Not only does this provide centralized user management, but it also enables user personas to be dynamically applied to any desktop environment - physical, virtual, or published.

Delighting with positive user experience

Environment Manager captures all the user’s settings and personalization and abstracts them from underlying platform . With the user persona decoupled and centralized, it can be optimized and dynamically re-applied based on context and location. The AppSense solution offers unmatched support for intermittently connected laptops, and additional unique support for laptops users who are intermittently online and rarely log on or off. The dynamic delivery of persona allows used to seamlessly roam between virtual and physical machines, with local resources (printers, networks, etc.) being activated as needed within a familiar environment.

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Key Benefits

  • Simplifies Windows migrations and deployment
  • Dramatically reduces desktop and support costs
  • Improved density and control in VDI and published desktops
  • Eliminates roaming profile corruption
  • Seamless physical and virtual desktop integration
  • Reduced infrastructure costs


  • Centralized user management
  • Enterprise-wide user policy + personalization controls
  • On-demand user delivery to any desktop, plus offline mode
  • IT-managed OS and application user controls
  • Helpdesk user snapshots, rollback and self-healing
  • User self-service options
  • Fast, simple deployment and on-going administration
  • DaaS / service provider support


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