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AppSense DesktopNow empowers IT to centrally manage, setup & configure, lockdown, tune and personalize any desktop regardless of device, platform, delivery mechanism or location. The latest refresh of DesktopNow enables you to deliver the fastest, easier and lowest cost desktop ever, with features to reduce TCO, simplify user management, improve productivity and integrate with what you have today.

AppSense completely separates the user from the underlying platform so their persona can be applied instantly to any technology your organization deploys: users can be painlessly upgraded to new operating systems; migrated from physical to virtual and back again; and new applications can be speedily rolled out.

The latest innovations in AppSense desktop management deliver powerful capabilities, greatly simplified through wizards, templates, and user interface optimizations. Real-time mechanisms let you respond to urgent user needs, proactively refine policies with internally crowd-sourced data and includes tools to enable emerging DaaS / service provider business models.

AppSense desktop solutions are validated by leading vendors such as Microsoft, Citrix, Cisco and VMware, ensuring a secure, tailored user experience across all platforms and proven to improve user productivity and security while reducing operational and capital costs. AppSense DesktopNow works effortlessly on physical, virtual and DaaS desktops.

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Latest release highlights

  • Faster time-to-value for IT
  • Faster time-to-resolution through innovative self-service and help desk tools
  • Easier for end-users to get timely IT assistance
  • Internally crowd-sourced user insights make policy management simpler
  • Simpler to test and deploy UEM functionality
  • Reduced infrastructure footprint for lower CapEx
  • OpEx savings from simplified IT and user workflows

AppSense Environment Manager

Set up, configure, personalize, control, lock-down and self-heal users on any desktop.

  • Centralized user management
  • Set up, personalize, lock down, and self-heal desktops
  • Cross-platform personalization
  • Context & location based controls

AppSense Application Manager

Control application access entitlement, eliminate the need for full Local Administrator accounts, manage URL and network access, and reduce per device application license requirements.

  • Privilege management
  • Application control
  • Software licensing enforcement
  • Compliance and governance

AppSense Performance Manager

Dynamically control and allocate CPU, memory and disk resource to improve quality of service, increase user density and reduce hardware requirements.

  • Granular system resource entitlement
  • Improve user experience and response times
  • Enable server consolidation and reduce costs
  • Control run-away or rogue processes
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