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Managing User Data, the Cost-Effective Way

Your users often save files on local hard drives where they can’t be easily delivered to another workspace or recovered in a break-fix scenario. And when you try to accommodate data access and sharing with techniques like Offline Files and Folder Redirection, you often introduce new support and user experience issues.

Strategic IT projects like P2V and OS migrations that would have otherwise succeeded become mired in user data complexity. Meanwhile, users are frustrated and less productive.

So how do you deliver user data in a cost-effective way while still providing a great user experience?

The Power of an Independent Storage Broker

AppSense DataNow enables simple, secure access, sync and sharing of files from any device, while also helping you get more out of the storage you already have. Our unique data broker, delivered as a turn-key virtual appliance, integrates simply with your existing Active Directory and on-premises storage locations such as file severs and Microsoft SharePoint. DataNow puts IT teams in complete control over where files are stored and provides granular policy control over how data is accessed.

Flexible and Future-Proof

Granular desktop control is in our DNA, and this includes the ability to dynamically redirect documents from common locations like the Desktop and My Documents folders into our synchronization framework when you pair DataNow with DesktopNow, allowing you completely manage your user environment. 

So whether you’re tackling something strategic as an OS migration or just a daily PC break-fix recovery, AppSense can ensure users are instantly productive no matter what the situation, delivering all their files at first logon with no manual effort required.

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Key Benefits

  • Unlock value from existing storage investments while embracing cloud on your terms
  • On-premises approach eliminates need to move data into cloud or other locations
  • Eliminate VPN headaches and Offline File access issues improving user productivity
  • Automate user profile and data migration during PC upgrades, PC refresh and break-fix reducing operational costs and risk  of data loss
  • Native file access experience with no workflow changes eases user acceptance
  • Rapid deployment with no new storage required
  • End-to-end data security
  • Future-proof as storage needs change


  • Simple, secure  file access, sync and share (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Web)
  • Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Active Directory and existing enterprise storage locations, including file servers, Microsoft SharePoint, and WebDAV
  • Directly integrates with AppSense Environment Manager (Link) for easy configuration and management 
  • Granular and advanced policy controls around file access and data synchronization 
  • Simple and efficient team sharing
  • Easily plugs into existing storage to enable rapid deployments
  • Offline files & user migration


DataNow can be deployed standalone or as the premier tier of DesktopNow Plus.

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