Education & Certification


AppSense Education Services

AppSense Education Services course offerings include real world scenarios and the hands-on instruction required to implement and maintain AppSense DesktopNow products. The AppSense Certified Administrator, AppSense Certified Professional and AppSense Certified Expert certifications provide knowledge and skill validation from the internationally recognized leader in user virtualization technologies.

Our instructors possess deep technical expertise around our solutions and have the professional experience to guide our students. Training includes a combination of classroom sessions and practical hands on labs using our dedicated virtual lab environment.


AppSense Training Courses

AppSense Education offers training all over the world that can be attended in person or remotely.

AppSense Certifications

AppSense has developed a global three tier certification program to validate one’s ability to implement, configure and administer AppSense products to effectively manage their environments. Our three tiered architecture, AppSense Certified Administrator, AppSense Certified Professional and AppSense Certified Expert, requires a combination of classroom sessions and hands-on labs to gain the required knowledge to pass the required exams to achieve certification status.

The AppSense Certification Program targets IT Professionals responsible for designing, implementing, administering, managing and troubleshooting AppSense solutions. To learn more about each certification and the requirements select the certification below:



AppSense Certification Exams

Entrants to the program must pass a series of examinations in order to achieve the relevant level of certification. Candidates can purchase the exam online or through their AppSense reseller. Certification testing is now administered through our online testing center.